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README for CPS Week PublicationsThis is the official LaTeX class file for the Proceedings of the following Conferences and Workshops to be held during CPSWeek 2017:

HSCC 2017  – the 20th ACM International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control
ICCPS 2017 – the 8th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems
IoTDI 2017 – the 2nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation
IPSN 2017  – the 16th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks

ARCH 2017       – 4th Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems
CMAAS 2017      – 2nd Workshop on Certifiable Multicore Avionics and Automotive Systems
CPSR-SG 2017    – 2nd Workshop on Cyber-Physical Security and Resilience in Smart Grids
CySWATER 2017   – 3rd International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Water Networks
ECC-2017        – 1st International Workshop on Energy-Aware Computing and Communication
MSCPES 2017     – Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems
MT-CPS 2017     – 2nd Workshop on Monitoring and Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems
SCAV 2017       – 1st International Workshop on Safe Control of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
SCOPE 2017      – 2nd Workshop on Science of Smart City Operations and Platforms Engineering
SelPhyS 2017    – Self-Awareness in Cyber-Physical Systems
SocialSens 2017 – 2nd International Workshop on Social Sensing

Starting 2017, all ACM publications are required to use this style for
"Camera Ready" submissions. Please read the included "acmart-UG.pdf" carefully.

The "header" of your manuscript will be the "sample-sigconf.tex", with necessary modifications, and the "body" will be the included "sample-bodyconf.tex". You're free to rename it to your liking, as long as you "\input" that file.

There are a few things that you must follow when preparing your camera-ready manuscript:

- After your paper is accepted, you will receive an email from ACM about the
  copyright of your manuscript. Once you complete the process, you will
  receive another email with the unique "DOI" information for your paper,
  as well as the ISBN for the proceedings. You should follow the instructions
  and replace the relevant "commands" in the "header" file.

- Depending on your selection of the copyright option in the previous process,
  you'll select one of the following tags (note that the default is "acmcopyright"):


- Finally, make sure to follow "The 2012 ACM Computing Classification System"
  for your manuscript:


Please direct your questions to the Publication chair:, with the subject line [CPSWeek 2017]