Department of Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 247 / 502N

Spring 2017

Preparation for this Course
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Most students interested in this course have the calculus and programming background to be successful. If you have not had adequate preparation in those areas, taking an entire course on those topics is probably necessary.

Many students consider taking this course before taking a discrete math course. Only a small part of a discrete math course is necessary for this course, and the relevant topics are covered (by following links) in the table below.

What I Need To Know What To Do If I Don't Comments
Discrete Math Concepts (CSE 240)
Basic Proofs Be familiar with basic proof writing. Note that most proofs in this class are proofs by induction
Summations Review it here
Trees and graphs
Programming Concepts (CSE 131)
Basic Knowledge of Program Structure Take CSE131 or similar Methods/Functions/Objects and the organization of multiple classes
Basic Java Proficiency (from 131 or similar course) Coding in Java
Calculus Concepts (Calculus 1)
Functions Review it here Function substitution and composition
Polynomials Review it here Polynomial degrees, specifically identifying the highest order term.
Limits Review it here Evaluating a limit as the function approaches infinity and 0 and how the function acts at those bounds
Derivatives Review it here Basic derivative rules and taking derivatives of exponentials and logarithms
L'Hospital's Rule Review it here Taking the derivative from indeterminate form
Logarithm Rules and Common Operations Review it here Graph of the logarithm, logs of different bases (specifically natural log, base 2, and base 10), and common operations
Exponential Rules and Common Operations Review it here Graph of exponentials, basic exponential arithmetic, and common operations

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