CSE 131 Module 1: Intro and Types & Names


Before beginning any work, do a Team...Pull in your repository.


Read this before starting:

Studio Sessions Overview:

The results of your studio session are to be reported and documented in a file that you save in your workspace. You are to commit that report prior to leaving studio. In the descriptions of the studio exercises, verbs like report and document are indications of activities you should summarize and discuss in your report.

In your groups, take turns documenting results, looking over shoulders, and staffing the keyboard.

It is unacceptable to copy anything without understanding it. At any point, the TA or instructor can point to something you've done and ask you why it works, or change it and ask what would happen with the modification.



Remember: it doesn't matter how far you get while here in studio. Ask questions, take your time, make sure you understand the work you do. Explore and try things to answer questions you have.