CSE 131 Module 1: Intro and Types & Names


Before beginning any work, do a Team...Pull in your repository.


In the repository you are using for this course, look inside the exercises source folder, and you will see assignments organized by name. Before continuing on to the next portion of the asynchronous material, spend some time on the exercise. When you are finished, commit your code so that credit for the exercise can be given.

It is not so important that you get the exercise exactly right. It is important to work through it as best you can before you look at the solution or continue with other work in this module.

Before starting this exercise:
Be sure to update your repository before beginning this assignment, so that you receive any code you need.

Making Change

You have some number of pennies, and you would like to determine how to make change for those pennies to obtain the proper number of each of the following currencies:
currency pennies
dollars 100
quarters 25
dimes 10
nickels 5
In making change, we seek the maximum number of each denomination in decreasing order. For example, given 798 pennies, your program should print the following:
For 798 pennies:
7 dollars
3 quarters
2 dimes
0 nickels
3 pennies


After completing this exercise:
Commit and push any files you have changed so that you receive credit for your work!