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0. Welcome
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  • You should already have read through our welcome message but if not, please do that.
  • To understand how to take this course and use this calendar, read this first!
  • Be sure to click on the links in this column to see the associated video, or other such information.
  • Begin here (click on the link below):
    Course Introduction
  • And keep going down this column until row containing the Lab 1 assignment
  • Review course policies
  • Try installing the course software:
    • Make sure you have Java 8 already on your computer
      New computers should have this, but you may have to install it. Google
      install Java 8
      and it should be straightforward.
    • eclipse
    • git and your repo
  • Browse the Course FAQ
Lab 0
Quiz 0
Tue Jan 16
schedule ]
  • Find your lab, see the instructions →
  • You should have tried to install the course software:
  • You should have viewed material above this row
  • All our lab and studio sessions are in Urbauer Hall this semester
  • Click on the [ schedule ] link to find your lab room and time
  • Click on the Campus Map to find the building
  • Normally you will do lab work during a lab session, and perhaps some of the work afterwards. However, you should try Lab 0 on your own before the semester starts
  • Count on getting help in lab if you have any problems
Lab 1 Lab 0
Quiz 0

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