TAO Performance Optimizations

For the past decade, the DOC groups at University of California, Irvine and Washington University, St. Louis conducted research on optimizing protocols and DRE middleware. The focus has been on optimizing the efficiency and predictability of the TAO ORB to meet end-to-end application QoS requirements by vertically integrating middleware with OS I/O subsystems, communication protocols, and network interfaces. TAO is designed carefully using architectural, design, and optimization patterns that substantially improve the efficiency, predictability, and scalability of DRE systems.

The following diagram illustrates how the components of TAO are optimized to increase performance, scalability, and provide predictable end-to-end QoS guarantees to applications.

The following optimization-related research contributions of the TAO project are described below:

TAO provides all these optimizations within the standard CORBA 3.x reference model. TAO's performance and foot-print characteristics indicate the time and space trade-offs associated with configuring applications to use the optimizations described above.

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