Questions for Discussion

Questions for the Workshop

General Questions

These questions are posed for all participants in the workshop. Whenever possible the panel discussion and the individual presentations will address these questions.

  1. What types of patterns emerge when separating policy from mechanism? Can patterns of design be captured in mechanisms such that the mechanisms are parameterized by particular policies?

  2. What patterns arise when defining taxonomies for synchronization mechanisms? Can a standard library of reusable components be defined from which a wide-class of synchronization mechanisms can be constructed?

  3. What types of patterns emerge in CPD systems, where efficiency concerns are often paramount, but where abstraction and efficiency are often in conflict?

  4. What types of patterns emerge to support micro-architectures for common services and mechanisms required in distributed OO systems; for example: name services, exceptions, and event loops.

  5. What types of CPD applications benefit most from design patterns?

  6. What types of CPD applications and domains are not covered thoroughly by design patterns?

  7. Is there really a broad base of developers and researchers interested in patterns or is this an illusion?

  8. What level of granularity is needed in a useful CPD design pattern description (e.g., abstract, concrete, both)?

  9. How should specific patterns and systems of patterns (pattern languages) interoperate? What is the intent/need?

Current Technologies Panel

General Charge

This panel is asked to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current and proposed technologies for capturing and articulating design patterns effectively. Distinctions should be made between formats that are currently in use, in development or largely experimental.

Specific Questions

  1. Are the current/proposed approaches scalable?
  2. How does technology for capturing and articulating design patterns interact with other aspects of software process and object-oriented methods?
  3. What about a standard form for describing design patterns? Is this needed? Who should define this (standards committees? consortia? the marketplace?) ?

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