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CSE567M: Computer System Analysis
Course Introduction | Common Mistakes | Selection of Techniques and Metrics | Types of Workloads | Workload Selection | Workload Characterization | Data Presentation | Ratio Games | Summarizing Measured Data | Comparing Systems Using Random Data | Simple Linear Regression Models | Other Regression Models | Experimental Designs | 2k Experimental Designs | Factorial Designs with Replication | Fractional Factorial Designs | One Factor Experiments | Two Factor Full Factorial Design w/o Replications | Two Factor Full Factorial Designs with Replications | General Full Factorial Designs | Introduction to Simulation | Analysis of Simulation Results | Random Number Generation | Testing Random Number Generators | Random Variate Generation | Introduction to Queueing Theory | Analysis of Single Queue | Queueing Networks | Operational Laws | Mean-Value Analysis

CSE574S: Wireless and Mobile Networking 2010 (2008 also available)
Course Overview | Wireless Networking: Issues and Trends | Wireless Physical Layer Concepts: Part I, Part II, Part III | Wireless Local Area Networks: Part I, Part II | Wireless Personal Area Networks: Part I, Part II | Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks: Part I, Part II | Wireless Regional Area Networks | Media Independent Handover | Wireless Cellular Networks: 1G and 2G, 2.5G and 3G, Beyond 3G: HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, LTE | Aeronautical Wireless Networks | Mobile IP IPv4, IPv6 | TCP over Wireless | Ad Hoc Networks: Issues and Routing | Wireless Sensor Networks | Wireless Mesh and Multi-Hop Relay Networks | Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) |

Internet 3.0: Ten Problems with Current Internet Architecture and Solutions for the Next Generation |

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